At the " Unique by Moda City" and "Interfiliere" trade expos, Paris, France, 2018.


The Rainforest Seamless Yoga Collection was garnered by " Unique by Moda City" and "Interfiliere", in Paris, France, 2018.

At the Interfiliere the collection was featured in the Innovation Forum for its unique design and technology as well as for the eco-friendly production process.

  • The Rainforest Seamless Yoga Collection combines active elements, fashion, and light compression to create a body-friendly attire for an active healthy lifestyle.

  • We’ve pushed capabilities of the Santoni machines to combine modern technology with the high-fashion element to blur the lines between Fashion and Active categories. 

  • The entire design and construction of each garment are translated into a computer language and input in the machine program. Garments are knitted on a double cylinder circular machine from beginning to end while using yarns of different contents. The garments are cross-dyed in dyes of different chemical compositions. Each yarn reacts to its dye and dyes into its color.

  • To accomplish this task of creating 4-color seamless jacquard we’ve involved a large group of specialists leading in knitting, garment construction, dyeing, and garment finishing. We’ve pushed the envelope to infuse fashion elements (multicolor jacquard, ombre effect, and openwork patterns) into what traditionally is considered an Active category.

  • As a result of using a Jacquard knitting technique, the garments are breathable due to the honeycomb texture of the material which promotes ventilation and moisture-wicking.

  • Also, the garments are noticeably form-defining so that customers can benefit from softness and slight compression. We’ve designed our leggings to have wide waistbands to assure a slim fit around the high-hip and waist areas.

  • We are producing this collection in Mexico to minimize its carbon footprint. The manufacturer owns a windmill field that not only provides eco-friendly energy to the factories but also to 25,000 families in the area.

  • Content: 59% Nylon / 36% Polyester / 5% Spandex.

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