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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Sharon Graubard (Founder+Creative Director, MintModa) speaks about on-trend textiles at Texworld Expo in NYC

It was freezing on the streets of NYC yesterday but inside the Texworld pavilion, spring was in full bloom. The creative team of MintModa, Sharon Graubard and Maria Valentino, unveiled their concepts and colors for spring/summer 2021.

The trends reflect the current state of the world and mind, as well as illuminate the near future. Words TRANSPARENCY, MINIMALISM, FEWER-BUT-BETTER, and SEASONLESS interlace the MintModa's presentation. Being trend words just a few years earlier, now they are action items.

Sharon Graubard has chosen 6 most important paths for spring/summer 2021:

1. Cottage Core - a "house in the garden" fantasy is underpinned with femininity and simple charm. Toiles, embroideries and petite florals bring us closer to our past.

2. Earth Craft - conceived by the land, it's abundant with textures and earthy colors. Linen, tactile crafts and prints are inspired by nature.

3. Bobos in Paradise - bohemian and urban vibes collide in a wave of jungle florals, opulent jacquards, crochet motifs, and rich paisleys.

4. Building Blocks - New functionality of color-blocking transcends everyday basics.

5. Crystal Lounge - Layers of shimmering textiles and iridescent surfaces endorse optimism.

6. Blank Slate - Minimalism and timelessness are reflected in this color-concise philosophy of well-made clothes.

After the presentation, we followed the MintModa team on the show-and-tell of the most exciting textiles presented at the Texworld. Sumptuous linens; recycled faux furs and shimmering puffers (yes, for spring); intricately textured knits; smart fabrications with built-in perks (like cooling effect) caught my attention.

I can't wait to see the next MintModa presentation at the end of summer.

Until then...stay inspired.

Asi Efros

Learn more about MintModa

Sharon Graubard (Founder+Creative Director):

Maria Valentino (Co-Founder+COO): Website:

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