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Updated: May 3, 2023

The trend forecast by Jos Berry (Founder, Concepts Paris) became a culmination of the CURVE NEW YORK event. Her presentation was built around us – women.

As in the timeless Delacroix painting where Liberty led people to freedom, women of today illuminate the industry’s path. The question of how the industry plans to accommodate lady La Liberté came to the foreground. As the dialog between the retailer and consumer continues, it is vital that the retailers and brands are prepared to listen. All too often it is forgotten that listening is an essential part of the dialog.

According to Jos Berry, those are steps to take to win her attention.

  • Healing the relationship between her and the bra industry “by listening to her, giving her better information, never blaming her for wearing the wrong bra size but using her unhappiness and un-ease to re-design her bra from scratch.”

  • Regenerating connection between department stores and consumers by rethinking the retail space to entertain her lifestyle and her shopping habits.

  • Seducing her with new materials, technology and an abundance of information about her lingerie.

  • Catering to her primal need to be included in the design, size, style offerings, and advertisement campaigns. Studying what comfort means to customers as it’s unique for everyone.

“Intimates industry has a very exciting future with new generations appreciating knowledge, authenticity and clear information about sustainability, which is in bra design above all. It’s a question of the better product with an extended lifecycle and diverse individual ‘comfort’ values, “

Jos Berry (Founder, Concepts Paris)

To learn more about the latest lingerie trends, visit Concepts Paris:

Until then...stay inspired.

Asi Efros

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