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Birth Of Life, Silver 925, Pink Gold 10 Kt, Deepsea Pearl, Ethiopian Welo Opal

A narrative, true creator, came to mind during my very first conversation with Leonid Vilikhin, a highly regarded designer of unconventionally personable and evocative jewelry. His works in silver, gold, and precious stones bring to life cinematographic moments, fairy tales, and mythical creatures.

“I believe that a piece of jewelry should attract attention to the one who is wearing it and not to itself,” Leonid Vilikhin.

From Darkness To Light, Silver 925, Agate, Fossilized Snail Ammonite, Red Italian Coral

Being a highly insightful conceptual jewelry designer, Leonid draws his inspiration from all aspects of life; nature, music, literature, art, architecture, as well as his memories and dreams.

His fascinating life’s journey echoes the movements of the historic and social tectonic plates across two continents. It reflects his tumultuous transition from the confines of Soviet Russia to New York’s most elitist establishments. It’s a diary filled with discovery, loss, change, beauty, and love. However, one trade that has persisted throughout his life and work, is his passion for creation, which found its manifestation in his jewelry.

Silver 925, Baroque Keshi Pearl, Ethiopian Welo Opals

Leonid Vilikhin began his career at the creative studios of the Hermitage museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. His extraordinary taste and impeccable craftsmanship were influenced by the highly regarded artistic traditions of this world-renowned museum.

Escape, Silver 925, 18 Kt. Gold Plating, Yellow Jade

After immigrating to the U.S., Vilikhin quickly became a designer-in-high-demand and his works appeared in many of New York’s leading jewelry houses such as Tiffany and Carvin French Inc. His pieces, made for Cartier and Bulgari, were later featured and sold at renowned auctions like Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

Lobster, Silver 925, Citrine Engraved, Black Italian Coral, Baltic Amber, Baroque Pearls

At the peak of his career, Leonid Vilikhin ventured out on his own and founded, LeVil.Co. Now he devotes all his time to creating timeless pieces, while employing precious metals, rare gems, and unique pearls, in this own studio. It is there, in the shop filled with his tools, that he casts the future artifacts.

Romance, Silver 925, 10K Pink Gold, Fresh Water Pearls

Scenes from the movie “Singing In The Rain” and a song, performed by Marlene Dietrich, come to life in his works Love, Romance, and Lili Marlen. Stripped of all the external, the silhouettes of a man and a woman are exposed under the light, signifying the feeling of love in its purest form.

The Couple and The Fate of the Match are an ode to a dramatic and fiery side of love, which is a burning desire.

The Fate of the Match, Silver 925., Black Rhodium

From a lucid idea and to the timeless object of admiration, come to life a myriad of unique characters: Speeding Snail, Octopus Paul, King Harold, Crayfish, and many more. Mother nature has always been an endless source of artist’s inspiration.

Breakfast, Silver 925. Amber, Ruby

Highly revered by female jewelry lovers, are his dreamy collections, that combine pendants, rings, and earrings in dashing ensembles. Unforgettable sets The Danube Waves, Space, Rain Drop, Black Beauty, Skorpio, Art Deco, and many more, are bound to excite and satisfy any taste.

“Sophisticated women don’t use accessories to show off, they wear jewelry to highlight something about themselves,” said Leonid during our interview.

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Leonid Vilikhin, CEO/Founder, LeVil.Co


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