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Expertly Curated Analysis of the Materials, Patterns, Textures, and the Major Driving Forces Behind Fashion for Intimate Apparel

Mood & Material - FW'22/23 for FW'23/24

  • ✔ Recieve a 29-page PDF file containing images of the materials, textures, laces, and styling details organized by category. 

    ✔ Find sustainable and ethically manufactured textiles that are right for you.

    ✔ Choose a perfect material, texture, or pattern for your next collection.

    ✔ Obtain a bird's-eye view of the current fashion landscape and discover the brightest gems of creativity and craftsmanship among hundreds of FW'22/23 designer collections.

    ✔ Move from macro to micro - from the concept to styling and finally to the minute detail. After all—intimate apparel is about ultimate refinement, where every material, every trim, and every stitch counts.

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