Creating in different mediums, materials, and for various categories of fashion will allow you to combine the best of all worlds and use the acquired knowledge to design unique and multifunctional inner and outerwear garments for your brand.

Ann Vogue Silk Collection

The Ann Vogue collection was inspired by the timeless beauty of St. Petersburg, Russia where I was born and raised. I like to call it “Memories Of The Future” as it unites incredible memories of my childhood with the vision of the future. 

All pieces within the range were made in Manhattan in the heart of the garment district by wonderful people whose craftsmanship and attention to detail were legendary. Thanks to them, the Ann Vogue collection has been referred to as a work of art.

​Each piece is cut and sewn individually as can be seen in the flawlessness of every stitch. Our fabrics are pure silks and our trims are French and Italian laces, accompanied by crystal buttons and the finest velvet ribbons.

MeMoi Sweater-Knits

Creating these sweaters, scarves, hats, and gloves was an interesting and rewarding project. ​

We worked with the knitting factory that developed their own yarns by spinning together several fibers of different compositions and configurations. We found one-of-a-kind shapes for all styles and made sure that pieces are multifunctional and unique.​

MeMoi -  Wellbeing

"MeMoi Collection is a range of unique items for a woman of today.

Her body is her canvas; she paints her portrait with quick strokes depending on her mood.

She is the woman of no age...she is not afraid to be herself...not afraid to express her individuality."

MeMoi Lounge

Available in a wide array of fabrications and silhouettes, this range is deliberate and timeless, moving effortlessly from season to season. The result is a sensational wardrobe for the individualist, for the woman who embraces her true self.​

MeMoi Boudoir

Every item in this collection is expressive, timeless, and seasonless like a work of art. It's a sensational wardrobe for the individualist, for the woman who embraces her true self.​ 

MeMoi Lingerie and Sleepwear

A famous lingerie designer once said to me:


"Just listen to what the lace tells you and then design your pieces accordingly".


Since then, I've done just that. This spring collection was inspired by a garden and forest. ​The bouquet of multicolor blooms, the sun condensed on the petals of the marigolds, the sound of the forest spooked by the wind...all that had materialized in this collection.​