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Create Your Dream 

Learn to create at your absolute best and realize your highest potential

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You are a creator

You have an innate ability to be a creator of your life, as opposed to a victim of circumstance. I will show you how.

Whether you are a school graduate, who is dreaming about a lucrative career, a seasoned professional who is seeking a more balanced lifestyle, or an entrepreneur, who is striving for success—this is the perfect space to get inspired, stay motivated, and move closer to your dream no matter how big and overwhelming it may seem.

I will help you to acquire confidence, stay motivated, and utilize your talents to achieve your goals. You are worth it.

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Get noticed. Build your success.

Learn from the industry experts and independent designers 

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Asi was very attentive to every word and detail I'd spoken about.

I felt the work I have done with Asi has supported my process in starting my business and having the confidence to continue and create with an open mind and staying connected with my purpose.

Liat Gorodenzik, designer, 33, Israel

You are unique. The way you think and create is also different from everyone else. That is why this immersive course offers one-on-one personalized mentorship and coaching.

Twelve-week Immersive Course On Creating Your Dream Life

It’s designed to:

-jump-start your transformational process and stay motivated

-create new paradigms, eliminate doubt, and acquire confidence

-bypass a long and costly period of procrastination and trial & error

Let me save you years of learning on your own.

YES, years!

Let's get started!  

There are no 'overnight successes'. We put in hard work, we make sacrifices and we consistently show up through it all.

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Read the stories of success and get inspired to create your own.

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"I worked with Asi right out of college as a freelance Fashion Illustrator at Carole Hochman. Just being with such a fun, open and energetic mentor like Asi, inspired me to seek my first full-time position in fashion. Asi continued to support my growth as a new designer and helped to teach me everything she knew about the fashion industry. She was welcoming, caring and respectful of my aspirations, which I know personally is hard to come by for young people, and in fact has helped me reach the level I am at today in mentoring my own design team. Her willingness to share her knowledge and experience will be absolutely incremental to your learning process as a young aspiring designer. I highly recommend you take the leap in working with Asi Efros.

Betsy Berry, designer, New Jersey

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