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Intimate Talks Interview Series

Learn from the independent lingerie designers and industry experts 

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How to Start Your Lingerie Brand

Asi Efros & Hannah Farrugia Sharples, Founder/CEO, Coutille.

In this must-watch video for aspiring lingerie designers, Hannah Farrugia Sharples, Founder/CEO of the luxury lingerie brand Coutille, shares her experience and gives excellent advice on how to start your own lingerie brand.

Three Hot and Sustainable Lingerie Brands

Something Wicked, Studio Pia, and The Underargument.

In this video, we are featuring three remarkable luxury lingerie brands based in the UK—Something Wicked, Studio Pia, and The Underargument. All of these brands are shining beacons leading the way to an appreciation of the lingerie craft, inclusivity, and sustainability.


The Recipe For Success

Asi Efros & Guido Campello,

Co-CEO, Journelle.

In this interview, Guido Campello, Co-CEO of the famous luxury lingerie retailer Journelle, shares the history of his family business as well as speaks on the subjects of creative entrepreneurship, inclusivity, and innovation in lingerie.

Lingerie Industry Today

Asi Efros with Jos Berry, Founder of Concepts Paris.

Our special guest today is Jos Berry — a lingerie industry icon, visionary, and a Creative Director and Founder of Concepts Paris, a design Concepts Book that has inspired hundreds of intimate apparel designers.

In this interview, Jos Berry shares many intimate details of her life, as well as touches upon the current state of retail, manufacturing, business, and education.


Do Our Bras Make Us Sick?

Asi Efros with Mary Fenske, Founder

and CEO of Posture Wings™

Our special guest today is Mary Fenske, who is among FemTech & HealthTech’s top 100 inventors and CEO of Posture Wings™, a patented bra concept that revolutionizes the methodology and purpose of bra design and construction.

Expert Opinion on Recycling and Sustainability

Asi Efros with Susanna Koelblin, a world-renowned specialist on sustainability and circularity.

In this interview, Susanna Koelblin speaks about circularity, recycling, sustainable manufacturing, and the change in consumers’ attitudes toward clothes.

Susanna Koelblin collaborates with global fashion brands to enable them to meet their sustainability and circularity goals.

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